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Reasons to join our SJS/TEN Support Group

Most often when an individual is trying to cope through challenging times, family members and friends may sympathize, but they don’t always know what to say or the best ways to help...

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Thanks for reaching out!

  • We care for supporters and SJS/TEN survivors on the recovery journey.

  • The group is developed to join together those of us who are dealing with similar challenging circumstances – the long-term effects of SJS/TEN.  

  • Through the sharing of our experiences, we’re able to offer support, encouragement, comfort to each other, and receive the same in return.

  • The SJS/TEN recovery journey can be very challenging, therefore one of the best medicines can often be the voice of people who have walked in your shoes.

  • Our monthly meetings provide the opportunity to have personal conversations with expert medical specialists in the SJS/TEN field.

We are Stronger Together
in the fight against SJS/TEN.


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