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I am now part of a group of survivors from many places who zoom and talk, email, and encourage and support each other on a regular basis. It is a valuable asset in my post SJS overlapping TEN day-to-day feel-good moments, a place to gather knowledge, ask questions​, and listen to others.

Peace and love. ✌️🌸

Jane G.

I experienced Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) in March 2005. I discovered Sonia’s ‘SJS Canada Support Group’ in 2020. SJS is scary, and the long-term symptoms affect victims differently.  For me, it’s mostly been an ongoing difficulty with my eyes. Many victims experience SJS much more intensely. SJS Can is a place for survivors and/or guardians to be heard, ask questions, share experiences, and feel safe. It reminds us we’re not alone in this fight and that brighter days are ahead.

I greatly appreciate the availability and consistency of Sonia’s group. I respect and am grateful for the work Sonia puts into moving the group and thus SJS awareness forward. Sonia is an example of professionalism and commitment and I really appreciate the community and fellowship her group offers.

Jeremy F.

My name is YC and I experienced Steven's Johnson's Syndrome (SJS) in November 2019. I discovered Sonia’s ‘SJS Canada Support group in 2021. When I was first diagnosed with SJS, I thought it was something short term and that I would be able to fully recover and resume my life as normally as before.  I soon realized that I may be dealing with long term/permanent issues. 

SJS Canada support group has helped me cope with my diagnosis and have provided valuable information pertaining to treatment and advice. It has been wonderful getting to know the members of the group and hearing their stories.  Sonia’s efforts in organizing the meetings and finding guest speakers are greatly appreciated.  


In 2014 at the age of 52 I was hospitalized due to an allergic reaction to a medication which caused my immune system to go out of control and ultimately diagnosed as Stevens Johnson Syndrome. It was so bad that I was not expected to survive but with excellent medical intervention and a brilliant ophthalmologist and surgeries, 7 years later I still have my vision although the trauma of SJS will always be there. I'm grateful for all the support I have  received from the SJS TENS Grp of Canada and the information they continually provide. It's a very rare disease and can be life threatening but I am proof that it can be beaten.

Paul RG

I have learned  so much about the SJSCA Support group.  I was very hurt learning about the  ordeal  the founder, my friend and former  classmates   Sonia  Crossdale went through. Mrs Crossdale a strong  woman of God be bless  and continue  the fight  in Jesus's  name.

Marlene A.

Hi Sonia, one thing I have learned through this journey is that Angels are all around us. You may not see them but they show themselves when needed. Thank you for all you have done.

Dennis P.
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